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How to order Cabinets, Handrail, Stairs, & other Construction projects by Unique Western Woodworks

Overview of Cabinets

           We offer fully customized cabinets for new construction and remodels.  You can choose to order the cabinets themselves to be installed as you prefer. Although most of the time we will come to your home or cabin and install them, so everything is done from start to finish. This helps eliminate miscommunication and gets you the best result possible.  

          Every cabinet job is unique and so is the pricing.  The best way to get a project started is to gather up some information.  Pictures of the existing cabinets and measurements for all remodels and plans for new construction.  Please feel free to contact us at anytime to start the conversation about your project and see if we are a good fit for what your looking for. 

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Option 1:

        This includes the Removal and disposal of old cabinets and all new cabinets.  This is the best way to fully redesign your kitchen or bathroom. We will work together from start to finish to give you a the beautiful uniuqe kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.  Since this does require a full gutting of the kitchen there may be other trades needed for this project like electricians, tile layers, and plumbers.  We will help coordinate the project with you to make your remodels as smooth as possible, and keep the down time to a minimal.  

Option 2:

          Refacing.  This is a much more invasive and affordable option.  In most cases we can plan the project out so you will only have a couple of days in house work and end up with a brand new beautiful kitchen or bathroom. 

Note: We do not do painted cabinets, only stained and clear finish cabinets. 

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Overview of Staircases and Handrail:  

            Log staircases and handrails can have many variations and that is something that really sets each system apart and makes your handrail and/or staircase a major show piece in your home.   At Unique Western Woodworks we strive to make every set extremely sturdy with unique memorable accents that fit our customers preferences.

             Cost and Process:  Since each project is unique and custom staircases are very specific to each project it is best to contact us for an accurate quote. 

              New Builds:  We will need your plans to give you an accurate estimate of the project.  Before we start we will give you a solid bid.   If you need help designing your stairs we can also help with that.

               Remodels: These are even more individual than new builds, so the best place to start is to call us  and describe your project; we will then guide you to gather the information we need for an estimate.  Before we give a solid bid we will schedule an appointment on site.

                Handrail Alone:  If you have a handrail you would like made, and want to pick it up to have a carpenter install or DIY it.  We can make rail and give you directions on how to assemble it.  

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Other Building Projects:  

We always enjoy new challenges and unique projects.  If you have something in mind feel free to contact us to see if we might be a good fit for making your vision a reality.  

If you have any questions or would like to discuss quotes or details of a project, please feel free to contact us here.

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