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Pickup and Delivery

   We offer a variety of options to best help our customers receive your new furniture, cabinets, and other unique creations. 

   Challenge: Due to the size, unique characteristics, and weight of our products the majority of items can not be practically shipped through normal mailing services.  

   Solution:  We have developed several options to help you receive your new furniture. 

1.  Pick up - There is no extra cost to for you.   We will help load and secure your furniture, plus you get the added benefit of seeing it set up, this makes it easier for you to reassemble at your destination. 

2. Delivery and set up option -This service brings your new furniture to your home or business and we personally set it up for you. The price for this service varies depending on the order and on the delivery location.   For our items that are available to purchase online we do have set prices for delivery to some areas.  Please contact us for an estimate delivery on your order, even if your not planning on ordering for a while we can help you budget this service in.


3. Shipping Via a 3rd party -  There are some items that can be shipped by standard mail services, when you contact us about an order and want shipping or delivery we will let you know if shipping is an option.  

Please contact us for any shipping questions you may have. 

Return policy:  We are a small business that builds custom woodwork, so all sales are final.  You will have a chance to see the product before you make the final payment, and if you are not satisfied we will remake any item for you (within reason determined by us and the situation),  or you can choose not to purchase the item.    

Guarantee policy: We do guarantee our craftsmanship and materials, within reason determined by our discretion. As long as the furniture has not been misused or abused, we will fix or replace it if you ever have an issue.  We consider ourselves fair and we will do out best to make it right.

Easy Ordering Process

 1)  Contact us with what your looking for and we get back to you with availability, options, and package pricing

 2) Determine pickup or delivery.  You can stop by our shop or we can send an invoice for a 20% deposit. 

 3) Payments: cash, check, card, Venmo, or Afterpay.  Orders over 2K we have in house payment plan options with 60% down  and 6 months SAC

All Furniture comes with a durable clear finish with little to no off-gassing!  

Ask for additions like colored stain , bar top epoxy finish, and 

any other customizations

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